The Small Business Finder

About Us

Small Business Finder is an online business network that showcases small businesses. Our goal is to do what we can to support small businesses. Our website is a tool that small businesses can use to showcase their business, actively sell their products and services and use our members section as a way to network, seek advice and support and develop and grow their business.

As a business our role is to create opportunities for small businesses by encouraging people to support small business and being the go to place a person can go when choosing a small business. By our business members listing their businesses with us and including as much information as possible without the restraints of expensive payments. This will give different levels to consumers and potential customers, they will be able to research a business, compare and have all information about the business in front of them to give the consumer peace of mind when choosing to support a small business.

The People

The people at Small Business Finder have a sincere passion relating to the success of small business. Our team is made up of small business owners, business coaches, business mentors and people with a desire to assist and encourage others to support small business.

Our Our Mission

To do what we can to minimise the number of small businesses which fail.

Our Other Initiatives

Small Business Finder is part of Small Business Connect Group.

Everything we do is to support small businesses and we have created a number of initiatives that have been designed to complement and support small businesses.