How to Set Up your Small Business Listing and Online Shop.

Looking at adding your business and your shop to the marketplace and sell your products or services. You have the ability to add your shop to the marketplace and if you have a business listing you can add your shop to your listing, which is convenient for your customers to see what your selling directly from your small business listing.


Step 1

If you haven't already, you need an active account to join to access these features. To register an account, go to 'Login' in the top menu, if you already have a log in please enter, if not select 'create account'. Add your details to complete sign up. You will be asked to activate your account, via your nominated email account, click on link, if activation key is missing, just copy and paste it in to the field. Select Activate and then Log In.


Step 2

Once logged in, on the right side bar of the members area or business area, click on 'add listing' , then select 'business' (image on the right). First, select your package, it will reload, the add your business details. Add as much information as possible, such as your business hours, links, photos, documents and more. When adding your pictures, the first one will be your business logo.


Step 4

After adding your business, go back to members area and access right side bar (can also be accessed from other pages) and select 'become a vendor'. You will be taken to a registration form to complete to become a vendor/shop. Ensure you add the right PayPal email. if you are wanting to use PayPal, as this is where you will be able to receive payments.


Step 5

Once you apply, you will be redirected to your vendor dashboard. To set your shop up, go to 'Store Settings' to change your Storefront, Policies, Billing and Shipping. You also have the ability to add 'Coupons' and look up your 'Payments History' and your 'Orders'. To add products, Click on 'Product Manager' and down to 'Add Product' (as shown in the image to the right).

Step 6

Adding your product, click on 'add new product' below the search bar. Next, select your category. Once selected you will to add your product or services details, images, virtual(online) or downloadable or leave blank for actual product, Inventory, Shipping, Policies, Taxes, Prices and can cross sell your other products. If you are selling services and are based on quotes, just put request quote or leave blank. Once you are finished adding your information, select 'Publish' in top right corner. You can add as many products as you wish by following the last steps.

Step 7

Your product will be now be displayed in the marketplace. To Manage and Add your products to your business listing. You can select 'All Products' in 'Product Manager', or select 'Products' under 'Vendor Dashboard' in the right sidebar of the Members or Business Area. You will see your Products and Select 'Edit' under Action.


To Add your Product/s to your business listing, select 'Edit' on your product. Then under 'Select Listing', select your business that you would like to link it too (Shown in second image on the right). Scroll down and save your product and then repeat the process if you created more than one product.



You're All Set To Go

Your Product/s will now be displayed in the Marketplace and in your Business Listing (Shown Below)


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