Doing what we can to bring small businesses together and minimise the number of small businesses which fail.


Welcome to the Small Business Finder.

This website has been designed to showcase all small businesses globally together within the one business directory / marketplace / online network

This website is deliberately inexpensive as we would like to provide all small business with the opportunity to showcase their business and sell their products and services directly from our site. We hope you will consider supporting us as we do what we can to support you and do what we can to minimise the number of small businesses which fail.


A full featured self managed listing that allows your to showcase your business the way you want.


Access support and advice through our live chat, podcasts and forums. Supporting your small business.


Sell your products and services through our online marketplace and within your business listing. Once you’ve listed your business you can become a vendor and create your shop.


Use our social networking feature to connect and build your network and use our support forums to ask questions regarding anything related to the development of your business.

‘ Our role is to encourage people to use small businesses ‘


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Q & A’s

What is the small business finder?

The Small Biz Finder is a global online small business directory/marketplace that promotes and showcases small businesses. Our goal is to highlight small businesses and allow consumers to actively purchase products and services of the businesses we actively represent from the one website.

Is the Small Biz Finder for everyone?

This is exclusively an initiative to showcase small businesses. However everyone is welcome to use the site when looking to support a small business.

Whats the online marketplace?

The marketplace is where you can go to view and purchase products and services from the small businesses we represent. This can be found from the menu tab on the front page.

Please note:

Small Biz Finder is only a third party if you purchase a product please direct all questions to the vendor.

Can people buy my products and services from my business listing. If you click onto a business and they have products and services a Buy Now tab will come up and you can search their products and services and purchase them from this tab.?

Absolutely, If a person searches for you and clicks on your listing if you have created your online shop via our site then your products and services will be under the buy now tab on your listing, Never miss an opportunity.

Upgrade Options?

Our upgrade option is merely a token gesture, Those who can afford AUD $10.00 per year and can assist us we sincerely thank. 

Event Listing

If you have an event please let everyone know via the event listing tab inside the members section and is FREE.

* All prices are subject to change at anytime.

How much is it to sell products and services from our site?

We charge a small flat rate of $2.50 per sale. There maybe other charges from Paypal who we have chosen to use to collect and distribute funds.

When it comes to the shop do you have anything to do with customers?

We generally don’t get involved with transactions unless there is a dispute and we try to mediate a solution.Products are sold from the vendor (Business.) to the customer. We use Paypal to collect money as we believe it to be the safest way a consumer and vendor can do business.

How do I create the shop?

You will create the shop from inside the members area. To do this there is a tutorial within the members section. There is a different registration for associated but all is explained as you set up.

Can I contact other members?

This is a great thing. Once you join you are able to network and create business relationships with anyone on the site from within the members pages. You will be able to create business networks, create groups, contribute to blogs, ask for help with your business and help others.

Will we gain more customers?

We can’t guarantee that you will gain customers from being a member of the Small Biz Finder, what we can do is provide you with the opportunity to showcase your business in the best possible way to bring a level playing field.

I need help with my business can you help?

Small Business Finder is part of The Small Business Connect Group. All small business owners are welcomed to join our initiative which has been designed to support small businesses.

Default Currency

Our default currency is Australian Dollar (AUD)

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