Auric Clearing

Auric Clearing


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An Auric clearing is working on a multidimensional level of awareness .. Clearing and activating all 15 energy centers of the light body( Auric field) that surrounds the physical body.
Within the light body we can identify unseen blockages and remove them on all 15 levels of awareness of their highest priority.
We carry unfinished business ,belief systems ,thought forms,paradigms ,contracts etc. of many lifetimes in our soul memory ,here we energetically transmute soul fragmentations in this lifetime and past lifetimes ..

Until we permanently transmute these auric attachments from all levels multidimensional awareness including the neural networks associated with them we keep charging them with emotional energy and they get solidified which will attract us to the same people , same situations and events of same low frequency making very difficult to manifest your desired reality.
In a session we scan the multidimensional light body and we communicate with your Higher Self…

Within an Auric Clearing :

* Identifying and remove all Occupants and Discarnates in energy centers.

* Clear and close any portals and wormholes

* Clear, calibrate and activate the 7 energy centers within our body and the 8 morphogenetic energy centers around the body

* Activate the  4 brain centers

* DNA activation

* Download from Higher self- that allows you to EMBODY more of your Higher Self

If you feel called ,i would love to be able to facilitate a session with you.



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